Why Tattoo’s don’t make me trashy, low class or uneducated.

Let’s face it, after all this time some people think Tattoos are bad judgment call, trashy, low class, uneducated and beneath bug scum. They forgot not to judge. What A LOT of people do not understand, thousands of people each day have to get small tats for radiation treatments. I had Hodgkin’s Disease a form of cancer. After a year of chemotherapy, it was tat time. YES, I have 7 small round permeant tattoos on my chest that I got (wait for it) when I was 17 years old.  This helped the machine line up for my radiation treatments I had to have for a year.  See below the blue dot yes there are 7 of them.





Move ahead 6 years when I was pronounced cured.  I got a rose on my shoulder to celebrate.  Who wouldn’t want to celebrate beating cancer when you were told you have a good chance of dying?


So at this point I had 7 small tats and 1 rose that no one could see.  Move along 5 more years.  I got married and with my husband I got a small butterfly landing on the rose.  Not even a quarter size.  When he got cancer the butterfly meant a lot to me.

You can see how old the two tats are from the image and how faded the colors are.


When my mom was in her early 40’s she got a Celtic frog on the insider of her ankle.  This year will be 3 years since she has passed.  Two weeks ago and almost 20 years since the butterfly I decided to remember my mom and got a frog tattooed on the inside of my ankle just like my mom. NO, it is not Celtic but it is still a frog.




Just last week, I got two paw prints and two of my dogs names.  Winter was our first dog and passed away from Cancer. Nanook was my dog and he passed of old age.  Yes, I wanted to remember my babies.


Now just to shock you even more.  My husband and I have lost 2 children before we adopted our 4 boys.  I will be getting their names on my arm soon.   One miscarried and one we had to bury.  There is nothing worse than burying your own son.

I am educated. I went to college.  I am not low class I am middle class and I do work over 40 hours a week.  I am not trashy, we wear nice clothes, we have a nice house and our kids get compliments all the time with yes ma’am, no ma’am, holding doors open for people, behaving in public and helping people.

You have your opinion and you can keep it to yourself before you want to contact me when you know nothing about me or my background.

God does not judge! He loves me the way I am or he would not give me cancer, let me lose 2 children, become a diabetic, give my husband cancer that has NO cure, lose my mom at an early age and being a single parent during the week while hubby works at 60 hour week out of town. I keep on going like he wants and he will not judge me because I have marks on my body.  I love the way I am and I will not change for anyone.


  • Saph/Amber

    I love you, Babs! You are a very strong person and I’m so glad that we “met” almost 5 years ago when I entered the blogging world.

    I have 3 tattoos and love them! I don’t care what anyone says about them – they are part of who I am – just as yours are part of who you are!


  • Ashley Montgomery

    You rock and so does this post!! People gonna judge you no matter what you do so I say screw it and do what’s best for you.