Teaser by Brina Courtney


The following excerpt is from Brina’s book, Discovery.

No silly, she says, I can only start it, something with the electricity, I can control it.  With that she puts her thumb and forefinger together and produces a small blue spark. 

Umm, thats not normal. I say staring at the spot where the energy was just made. 

You can hardly discuss normal Shay, look who youre talking to- a ghost, thats not normal, she says as a smile plays on her lips. 

Valid point.  I look at her closely, Yeah but I cant do anything like that, thats a little excessive dont you think?  And doesnt it drain you?  I dont ever remember Jeremy messing with the electricity. 

She looks at me and says honestly, Not when Im feeding off of your energy and youre young so you have lots of it. 

OK creepy dead child whos feeding off my energy.  I give her a hard look; children have never attempted to contact me before, why is she coming to me now?  Wendy, how long have you been lost?