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About the Book:
Find the Source. Break the Story. Stay Alive.ONE YEAR AFTER the 9/11 attacks, Alex Vane—a brilliant, carb-obsessed reporter for The New York Standard—wants nothing more than to break into the flashy world of TV news. But when he uncovers the scoop of a lifetime, his tightly controlled world is rocked: his editor buries his story, a source turns up dead, and Alex finds himself at the center of a violent media conspiracy.AS HE RECEIVES TIPS from a mysterious source, Alex enlists the help of a captivating professor, Camila Gray. Aided by an Internet genius, a billionaire’s sexy widow, and a washed-up sports reporter, Alex and Camila discover a $500-million secret that leads back to the morning of 9/11.

IT’S A SECRET that unearths dark memories from Alex’s past. And it’s a secret that could get them both killed.


When did you know you wanted to write?

The very first moment was when I was thirteen or fourteen. I was walking with some friends in the schoolyard and I started feeling like I was observing everything from outside my own experience. Like I was viewing it all not from my perspective or theirs, but a third angle outside the situation. This turned into a story; I was writing a memoir in my head.

Nothing ever came of it but then, in my early twenties, I started writing more seriously. Short stories, screenplays, part of a novel. But this only lasted a couple years. Finally, a few years ago I was at a family Thanksgiving dinner and an uncle introduced me to someone as “a writer.” At the time, I was teaching writing at a small college, but not doing much of it myself. I didn’t really think of myself as a writer. At that moment I decided to get serious about my own writing, and I did.


What would you like your readers to get out of The Anonymous Source?

I wanted to write a book that was fast-paced, fun, and serious at the same time.

I lived in New York City on 9/11 and chose that day to start the book because it was a pivot point for the city and the country. Much of what happened in the years after was a reaction to 9/11, or was at least affected by it. There was the initial shock and fear, then all the events that came after: the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the protests, heightened security, the Patriot Act. Everyone was talking about 9/11 and everything was changed by it. And yet daily life went on for millions of people in New York City. So I wanted to capture the time period, while not making the book about 9/11.

Most of the book takes place a year after 9/11, in the fall of 2002. I chose that time because the early 2000s were a key time in the country’s transition to digital media, which is another backdrop in the book. In 2002, less than half of U.S. homes had Internet access, and 3/4 of the ones that did were using dial up. Remember dial-up? There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no smart phones, and Google was just getting going. The very first iPods were starting to come out. I actually had to do some historical research just to get certain details right, like how much it cost to use a pay phone.

So, I see the time after 9/11 as a transitional period, both because of the wars and other political situations that came after, and because our day-to-day lives were being so rapidly altered by technology.

So I hope that readers will be captivated by the story, entertained by it, but also informed about some of the inner-workings of the media.


Do you have a current project in the works?

Yes, I’m working on the sequel to The Anonymous Source. It’s called The Inverted Pyramid. Look for that in the summer of 2016.


Do you have a ritual when you are writing? ie coffee, music, food etc

When I’m writing new material, I do so between 4:30 and 7 am. Before the kids wake up. My only ritual is to make the coffee the night before. I set the auto-brew for 4:25 a.m., so it’s ready when I wake up. I write before breakfast, so I just get my coffee and get to work. No music, no social media, no distractions.


Hobbies outside of writing?

Running, hosting my podcast, cooking for my family, watching sports.


What book or books are you currently reading?

Currently reading Monochrome, by H.M. Jones and The Cartel, by Don Winslow.


If you could be one character from one of your books who would it be?

Camila Gray. She’s a media-studies professor and not the typical female sidekick you often get in thrillers. She’s brilliant, sassy, deeply intuitive, and likes to eat. She’s really a secondary main character in the book.


Favorite drink?




What is your favorite ice cream?

Rocky Road, Mint Chip—anything with both chocolate and some texture.


What is your favorite food?

That’s a tough one because I’m a former chef and I’ve gone through phases where I delve deeply into all sorts of cuisines. Last meal on my deathbed? Probably a BLT.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for taking the time to interview me!


Author Bio:

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A.C. Fuller is the creator and host of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast and an English teacher at Northwest Indian College. He previously taught journalism at New York University and worked as a freelance reporter. He now lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two children and is hard at work on the sequel to The Anonymous Source. You can find A.C. at, on Facebook at A.C. Fuller, and on Twitter @ACFullerAuthor. And you can find the WRITER 2.0 Podcast on iTunes.


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