The Heartbreak Bride’s Journey by Emma Ashwood, #book, #review

Mail Order Bride: The Heartbreak Bride's JourneyMail Order Bride: The Heartbreak Bride’s Journey by Emma Ashwood
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Kitty had lost her husband and two daughters from Yellow fever. Now she has to move on. So finds an advertisement for a mail order bride for Silas Parker.

Kitty makes a few friends on the trail to California. One of them being the Benning family. Silas even lets them stay in the gust house while they have their house built.

Kitty really starts to feel bad and even exhausted. With doctor Beaning’s help they find out what is really wrong. With Silas stay with her and support her?

The story was sweet and a nice second chance love story. Both characters were great along with the secondary characters. A fun read.

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