Vinyl Stereo Turntable Portable Suitcase with Built in 2 Speakers Campaign #turnable #recordplayer

I haven’t had a record player in a long time. I know some younger people might not know what it is. My kids had a clue but they loved it. I had some 45’s and 78 records still in my music collection and it was a blast to play them. My boys who are 7 and 8 thought it was cool. My 15 year old was asking lots of questions about the records and artist.

I have to stay it is a nice conversation piece. I made a video I will share of the way it works and the sound quality. It is better than great.

What does it have and come with? My case is read but they have white and other colors to choose from. The carrying case is what makes it unique in my opinion.


Belt Drive Briefcase Turntable, electable 33/45/78 RPM speeds settings.
– 3 speed turntables, Dynamic, balanced tone arm with soft damping control.
– Phonographs record players, front-facing built in 2 stereo speakers provide great sound.
– Portable record player, wooden cabinet with PU leather wrapping , the briefcase styled turntable is lightweight, easy to store and transport.
– Classic style record player turntable, with RCA and headphone jack outputs / line in port mounted on the side, easy to operation and support multiple music playback modes.

Loved it and a great product.  A great gift for any music lover.


You can find the product here.