We are proud to be hosted by MacHighway

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the bumpiness last night / yesterday evening. We changed hosting companies and well, in all honesty there was suppose to be little or no down time. But those things seldom go as planned and we had an SQL database error. Everything else went smooth as silk aka transferring the site files, pictures etc. Most of you would never have seen the issue but we had to update a few settings in order to check the database thus showing the world we were just not quite ready yet. But that’s all behind us now. We also had a plugin that was misbehaving and causing slow load times. While we were inside the cover, we took the time to lovingly glue the cover back together. That plugin by far was the hardest thing to troubleshoot. Such a little item causing big issues.

We did learn a few new tricks in case we ever need to change again. But I am planning on being with MacHighway a very long time. So I hope I never have to remember them again.

So by my calculations I can buy a bunch of new books 🙂 Why do you ask ? Well the hubby did the move all on his own (I provided the worry portion of the process). OK Ill tell the truth I was reading and working on a few articles. A girl has to have something to do when her hubby is totally immersed in his Mac (Even if it was a project for me). I had several quotes ranging around the $300.00 mark to move the blog. That’s just way to much money for a little computer time. But ingenuity and a little Google fu had us pocketing that money. With Xmas coming around the corner, I am sure it will got to good use. To tell you the truth even $100 would have been to much in my opinion.

It took 10 minutes to login and start a backup process. Better safe than sorry. Go browse the web wait on the backup to finish. Start an upload to the new host. Go have a birthday party for our son at my parents. Fix the inadvertent slip up showing we were not quite ready for the world yet. Spend another 10 minutes searching Google for the fix. Upload finishes. Apply patch to configuration file. I believe in total TJ (hubby) spent a total of 30/60 minutes on the entire process, if you don’t count his incessant looking at the transfer program to see if its done yet. Now the entire length of the process was more like 4-5 hours. But by far the vast majority of that was idle time when the computer is just uploading or downloading requiring no human interaction.

Some of you may ask why the change ? Well the new provider adds a lot of flexibility and room to grow as well as a great track record. They also use Green (air) Power. There is also a very less likely hood of my site being unreachable due to internet provider issues and the interconnection inside the data center. If you want to check them out head on over to http://www.machighway.com

Plus with me being, a Mac kinda woman. I really enjoy using a Mac orientated solutions etc.

Thanks to all of you whom let me know the site was having issues. I for one am glad to know you guys and gals help me keep an eye on it. Especially since I occasionally need to read a book or sleep.

Babs and TJ