Wild Mustang Man by Carol Grace

Once Josh Gentry had everything he ever wished for and he figured that was all he’d get in this lifetime. Then Bridget McCloud walked into his life and made him believe in second chances. Bridget was sure the rugged single dad was perfect for her ad campaign AND herself. But Josh didn’t think a single girl would be happy on a ranch a million miles from nowhere. What does it take to convince a man that all you need is a Wild Mustang Man, his lively five-year-old son and you could live happily ever after?

Read a Sample:

“I want to be left alone by city slickers combing the countryside for male models,” he told her.

“I’m not looking for a male model,” Bridget protested, “I’m looking for a real man. A man with real muscles. A man who does real work. I want you for my ad campaign. When you come to your senses, give me a call.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” he said. “I can’t be bought. Nothing you say will make me change my mind.”

:”But you’ll make more money as the Wild Mustang Man than you’ve ever dreamed of.”

“How do you know what I’ve dreamed of?” he demanded. “Now if you’re finished here I’ll see you out.”

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My thoughts:

Bridget is on a mission to make her business thrive after she was let go from her last job, thanks to her ex-fiance. She is looking for Mr Mustang Man for a cologne campaign. What she found was a handsome man who didn’t want one part of it. She knew he was the one she needed. After a little boy ran over her with his bike she was rescued my the boy and his dad Josh. Bridget knew this was the man to make her mark in the word of advertising and marketing.

Josh wanted no part of this ad campaign what so ever. After seeing Bridget asking around to other men at the horse sell he changed his mind but wasn’t expecting his heart to change either.

A nice story of a man who wants to move on but doesn’t want to let down his dead wife. He feels if he moves on he will be disgracing his wife. Once he learned to let go he feel in love with Bridget and she with him. She did not want to be hurt and she loved his little boy.

About the author:

Carol Grace is the author of over 35 romance novels. In her former life she worked as a translator and an ESL teacher. She has traveled the world from Africa to Singapore for work and pleasure. Carol speaks French whenever she can, and sails the seas on cruise ships. When not on deck sipping tropical drinks and brainstorming ideas for her next novel, she gives writing classes. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.
What do the critics say about Carol Grace?
“Carol Grace is best known for her humor, witty dialog, compelling characters and touching romance.”
“Read one of Carol’s books and you’re transported to San Francisco Bay or a ranch in Montana or even faraway romantic Italy. Wherever you go, you’ll find love in the air by choosing a Carol Grace novel.”