Wood Wick Soy Candle

Wood Wick Soy Candle


I had the pleasure of getting this candle and trying it out. The Scent is Kiwi Melon is the smell is wonderful.  Too bad  smellovision has not been invented yet. But the scent is not that strong to cause irritation or bother people who are sensitive. The jar is a 13 oz so it last a long time and the best parts of the candle it is pure soy, dye-free, paraffin- free, phthalate-free.  Since there are no chemicals you don’t have to worry about headaches or even cancer for that matter.

The jar is nice with the sticker and looks great no matter what your decorating preference is.  They have 23 different scents available.  Below list gives you an idea of the scents.









We all love the crackle and flicker of wood wicks but they are a pain to light. Wood absorbs moisture making relighting a wood wick problematic, you end up wax pouring, wick trimming, and frustrated.

This is a family owned business and on the east coast.  What better people to get items from.

You can find more information about the Free Reign Farm .. ( https://www.freereignfarm.com/product/amazing-natural-candles )