Youphoria Microfiber Quick Dry Travel Towel with Carry Case Campaign

The Travel Towel is great for almost anything.  We do alot of hiking and walking.  I always have a towel or two with me.  What I like most about this towel?  The snap button that you can place on your back pack and not worry about it coming off.   For me, this comes in pretty handy.

The towel is thin, soft, compact and super absorbent.  This compact travel towel can hold up to 5X its weight in water making it the most functional microfiber towel for travel packing.These microfiber towels dry up to 10X faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels. The microfiber fabric is produced to not mildew or have odors after use

I love to use this over any other towel.  It doesn’t leave your face or arms feelig scatchy or rough with each use.  It is very soft and you feel clean.  It is easy to take care of and wash.  It last a lot longer between washes.  There is no yucky oders.  So far the colors have not faded.  A great towel for any kind of activity.  Great quality and price.

You can find more about the towel and purchase here: